Saturday, January 28, 2017

Still Alive.

I still exist, just not the same person that filed almost a year and a half ago, or the same person that started this blog when I was ramping up for the Louisville Ironman.  With age, priorities change as the kids get older, injuries occur, and the need to race is shelved as the career moves forward.  God has blessed me with the ability to still run races, be it triathlons, road races, or the local mud runs, and that makes all the difference.  So what has happened:

  • Injuries.  The early years of not stretching, compounded by lower body injuries created by the rocks and roots, most hidden by leaves during trail races, laid me up for awhile.  After the 100K, I didn't run again for almost 4 months and gained almost 20 pounds. Which brings me to:
  • Weight gain:  Yep, that 20 lbs ended ballooning to a rather large number, not nearly my max weight, but enough to make my doctor openly wonder how I could do ultras carrying the weight that I had.  Today, I'm down, but am carrying it around my core section, and its not coming off easily.  But, it is coming off.  It's harder to lose weight the older you get.
  • Age:  Perfect segue, and while not an excuse, it has to be kept in mind that getting back into form is a lot harder the older you get.  Right now, if I can average between 8:45 - 9:00 miles, I'm happy.  Yes, that's race pace.  The other thing is, I'm good with that because a lot of time, I'm running with my daughter.
  • Family:  I remember 5 things in my life as if it just occurred.  The birth of all 3 kids, marrying my wife, and being baptized.  My oldest is 15, and the realization that I'm never going to get those years back is relevant.  Teaching him to drive, and he's on the cusp of earning his Eagle Scout for Scouting.  I've even taken on the mantle of Assistant Scoutmaster to go through the last couple years of camping before he ages out and my youngest crosses over and starts his journey.  Cherish your kids now, take the time to put Lego's together, I'm obsessed with them, and skip a run so that you can canoe around the marshes.
  • Career:  Right now, I'm detailed to Washington DC into an entirely different job than I'm used to.  And I enjoy the new adventure.  I get home quite a bit, and have teleworked on several occasions, which is really new to me.  This is one of the few weekends that I stayed over, but that's for a farewell dinner for the awesome dude who put the bug into my ear to try this out.  I am using my time away to run more, and I brought my mountain bike to ride some of the trails around Arlington and into DC.
  • Racing priorities:  In 2016, I did the Oil Creek 50K with a friend who is a cancer survivor and type I diabetic.  It was very interesting, and in some ways, a surreal look into what should've been important as the years have gone by.  I did one triathlon, and numerous road races, but nothing with an urgency of "I had to get better."  I save that angst for golf.
  • Hobbies:  I really wish I had spent more time learning to cook. Just made my first omelet the other night.  Most previous attempts have been relegated to cheesy scrambled eggs with bits of bacon and sausage, mm bacon.  Also picked up the guitar.  I will never be a virtuoso, but the day that I can play "Take me home, Country Roads" by John Denver, will be my benchmark for success.
In closing, if I get a chance, I'll write more.  I'm not real thrilled with what Clustrmap did with their widget, but whatever.  My next blog might be about runner etiquette here in the nations capital and bikes and runners sharing a trail. 

On On

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