Sunday, February 10, 2013

Insanity and Winter.

I have been pretty absent from blogging the past weeks, this winter in fact.  This hasn't been the worst winter, and not the best either, that was last year.  This year's off season has been reserved for some new strength training, with a little of the old fashioned swim-bike-run regimen thrown in.  Here's a small run down of what I've been doing:

-Started out with a sample series of some military based training that a friend of mine has been developing.  Lots of cardio, lots of pull-ups, running, and some other exercises here and there.  Over all,  I'd like to see the finished product when he finishes it up.  Never have I attempted so many pull-ups in my life.

-I've also started doing the Beachbody Insanity program.  Through the first 2 weeks I have remembered why I hate aerobic classes and set time frames for any sort of training.  But, I'm real happy with the fact that its been challenging, and different.  What will the benefits be in end? No clue, but its worth the effort to find out.  I haven't been following the schedule strictly, mainly swimming on the normal days, and throwing in some running on the off days.

-Great to see the NHL season return.  In the interim I started to watch college hoops, not the same, but better than the other garbage on TV.

-Quite a few new triathlons coming into our area this year.  Even a new 70.3 at Moraine State Park in September.  I've pretty solid,y have decided that I will be doing 2 tris this year, a half marathon, and an adventure race of sorts.  My " A" race is looking like the Oil Creek 100k, or 62 miles of unadulterated pain.  I have time to change my mind from now until March 23 at sign up

If I come up with a better subject matter for a blog, I will write.  Maybe.  My track record is starting to suck

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

- Insanity, I think is tough, if you do it like he wants you too. But the videos are a riot, there is the girl with all the funny facial expressions, I get a kick out of her. And then there is the "marathoner" who, who says that 45 mins of insanity is tougher then a marathon, then brags about doing Hawaii, and any one is the sport of triathlon, questions whether he really did it or not. He uses alot of "non triathlete" sentences that we here from our non racing friends.

I am in absolute love that Hockey is back!!!

Eric said...

I did the 2nd Fit test today, and my results were worse than the first one. But, I did run on the off day, and the first thing in the morning isn't my best time. It happens.

But, you're right about the people. The facial expression girl has made me laugh, and I did catch the "marathoner" the other day....same day the head dude called out the spin instructor.

Maybe P90x in the next offseason.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Email me

I am follishly thinking about Oil Creek races for 2014