Thursday, November 22, 2012

ERC Turkey Trot Mosh Pit 5K

I guess if I should have taken the time to bring my camera, or carry my phone with me, it would've been this time.  I didn't bother for several reasons.  The first, I have taken so many around Presque Isle that it would've been fairly anti-climactic.  The second is that I still have my 2nd Gen iPod Nano that just won't die.  It's a great, easy to use, small formfactor (yes, that would be a geek term) noise cancellation device.

Anyway, I digress, this race has grown huge.  And with it's largeness, it's very difficult manage the sheer numbers of people in the 3 races that this Turkey Trot makes up.  The 5K was by far the largest, and was scheduled to go at 0830.  However, with the walkers taking off in the opposite direction, getting the people off the road for the start was the first order of business.  Then getting the 5K people back on the road, which did not happen.  In fact, I was still in the parking lot in a gaggle of people when the horn sounded.  Not being able to hear any of the announcements didn't help, but that isn't disparaging toward the RD, jus tthe morons who keep talking.

Two minutes later, I crossed the start/finish and then started to pick off people as I ran on the berm of the road.  A theme that lasted for the entire race as well. The first mile was spent dodging slower people and walkers who didn't seem to think that 5K run applied to them. There were several people running with their dogs, and as is custom, because my daughter's first 5K was here,  Another amazing thing was the number of people who stopped to tie their shoes.  And that is where our first encounter came from:

As I ran up the berm, the shoe-tying folk would "pop" onto the berm and stop right in the middle, and not the far right.  Others, like me, were running up the berm as well, and when they'd stop, it was fairly easy to avoid them.  But, if you're going to drop to tie your shoes, at least check to make sure you are clear.  Or, as the girl with the local high school XC sweatshirt found out,  I do not stop on  a dime and I didn't so much bowl her over, as I straddled her head in a pretty undignified manner trying to avoid her.  I yelled that I was sorry, but that's about it.

As I mentioned about the kids, they are a lot of fun to watch.  They sprint at the beginning, and then sort of peter out hard at the end.  As I made my way up, a tike of about 9 or 10, was weaving his way in and out of clumps of people. and a bunch of the kids running it were all doing the same.  But, I don't think the kid thought when he popped out onto the berm and right into my side, that he'd get hip checked and bounced off onto the ground.  I was about to apologize and pick the kid up, but his father yelled at him, basically telling him that he got what he deserved for darting in and out of traffic. 

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful afterward, I got some clean road and finished pretty decently as far as I was concerned.

Final Results:

382/3014 OA
19/102 AG

My race was good, and I was pretty happy with the fact that I was able to move up the field quickly, even with all the impediments.  No pain in the IT, Achilles, or anywhere else.  Give it a B.

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