Saturday, September 22, 2012


A few bites to say that I actually wrote something for this week:

-Had 3 long runs, of better than 6 miles, and little to no discomfort from the body part not to be named.  The times were not spectacular, nor were they so excruciating slow that I should take up another sport in general.  I'm incredibly far behind the 50K training curve for the Oil Creek race right now and it's not a matter of catching up, it's more a matter of just doing the best I can right now and develop a smart enough strategy for race day, that I don't die on the course somewhere. Let's see how that works out for me.

-After a month of sinus issues galore, I made it to my family Doctor who gave me a prescription spray that opened me right up and I've been the better for it ever since.  I like my Doctor.  He's a family Doc in the old fashion sense that he is his own practice, still uses paper records, and only gives out the drugs when you really need them.  It's nice to swim and not sneeze while swimming, (which I never thought possible and hurts,) or wake up and not feel like my head is a zit.

-The Kia Soul Hamsters for great, the first 5000 times.  Now they annoy me. I realized that when I wanted to run a Kia Soul off the road the other day. But, I haven't seen them too often since I've sort of been weaning my self off the television.  If it's something I want to watch, I can catch it on the stations website. I realize that I get more enjoyment out of reading, working on a long forgotten home project, or...

-Borderlands 2 came out on Tuesday.  I have built both of my computer systems, and probably in need of redoing my current rig due to stupidity in space allocation for the C: drive, and most of my home computer use is spent mindlessly gaming.  Mostly Call of Duty games, and other games that blow shit up or have wide expansive maps that continue long after the story is over.  Since I work on computers quite a bit at work, I don't feel like being on them anymore than I have to throughout the week.  That, and my kids are more enjoyable.

Got nothing else.  Some would say, I have nothing to say at any time.  Probably true.

On On.

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

The Kia Hamspters bug me too!!