Saturday, June 2, 2012

Edinboro Triathlon Race Report.

Prepped and ready, even for the rain

The first triathlon of the year is my opportunity to re-think some of the decisions that I have made in my life.  Bad decision?  Not all of them, but continual wonderment (is this a word?) of why I keep coming back year after year to race.  I don't have anything to prove, and I don't really care about results anymore, but coming back, I do.  I once again chose to go the Sprint route again this year.

Enough of the philosophical crap, let's get on to the report:  In essence, the weather made a lot of decisions pretty easy.  Those like:  Am I wearing a wetsuit?  Why yes, I was.  Not because the water was that cold, the website said 74 yesterday, but after the deluge of rain overnight, it had dropped to 68.  It was the air temp at 49 degress that said the suit was gonna be donned.  Most importantly though, my wetsuit shrunk from last fall.  Times and splits not available just yet.

SWIM (0.3 miles:)  Take a good look at the picture below.  Your looking for the 3rd boat.  Supposedly, that is the turn around.

Pat Davis is an outstanding RD, but her swim distances are slightly skewed.  However, better long than too short and it does bring up one interesting question?  How do you measure a .3 mile swim course?  I should think it through more.

So I'm off into the first wave, and chugging and plugging at a pretty good pace.  The water was pretty decent visibility wise, and the with my orca suit keeping at a higher profile, I saw pretty easy.  But sighting was just not going my way.  I zigged and zagged, got run into and kicked, plus I even slapped a few people myself.  It was a typical triathlon swim.  Other than more Open Water Swim practice, I'm not sure how I might be able to improve that.

BIKE (10 miles:)  After a T-1 that saw me do battle with my wetsuit, and then a rather comical battle with a long sleeve techical shirt, I was off and running on a bike course that I know very well.  On a normal ride, it can be a death ride and boring, but during the tri, is a pretty comfortable experience.  I used this to my advantage and rode very well.  If drafting regulations had been enforced, there were 4 of us who'd have been slapped with a 10 minute misconduct and told to ride it again.  Was this done on purpose?  No, it's just that we couldn't get away from each other.  I'd power up the hills and they'd catch up on the downhills.  It got to the point that we just blistered along at a decent pace, with a pretty gnarly wind, and sort of chit chatted our way around the course.  Toward the last two miles, we did spread out a bit.

I'd have to give myself a solid B for this part.  I rode strong, and kept a strong cadence, but I did find myself coasting the long downhill at a speedy 28 MPH into the headwind.  The more I ride, the better my ability to pedal over all types of terrain.

RUN (3 miles:)  Surpisingly, my Achilles was a little tender, but let me run at a good clip.  This course is an out and back with a nasty little uphill about a half mile from the start, and then a great downhill into a park where the turnaround is located.  And the great downhill becomes a shitty uphill and the nasty uphill becomes a fun little downhill.  I plodded the first half fairly well, stopping for a quick drink at the half, and then decided that since my truck was back at the finish, I might as well get my ass in gear and get moving.

I only give myself a C for this effort.  There is a whole lot of room for improvement.  It was only 3 miles and I ran it like I was on a trail run.  Working on a better approach to getting the calf muscles better developed to keep the Achilles happy.  I still have faith.

Over All:  I know my final time was 1:16:39, or something close to that.  The race was well done and the attendance was much better than the past couple of years.  I think the addition of the Sprint helps that out a lot.  When I have the final results, I will post them.

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