Saturday, January 21, 2012

On the Road Again....

After a couple of weeks off, a highly detoured road trip, and a whiny blog post, yes, I will admit the last one was a bit whiny, I am back in the saddle again.  After making sure my wife knew where the water main was located, the main electrical breaker, and the home defense apparati, I went off to Oklahoma City again.  I had to detour, for some weather concerns, a little more southernly route, but it was all in good time. My wife misses me because she needs someone to run the snow blower, it sort of scares her.  Not the possibility of someone breaking in, no, she's a better shot than I am and a whole lot meaner too.

Anyway, the weather here has been good, and I've been going to the gym, but I have realized one salient fact:  I can't benchpress for crap anymore.  I can squat a whole hell of a lot of weight, shoulder press more than I ever could, and I fairly flexible, but I need a lot of ab work.  I've never been much of a gym rat, but I do like to head there when I'm either in OKC, or on the road in general.

I'm also a big fan of the bike trails around Lake Hefner in the NW part of the city.  A very well, laid out affair, that offers almost 10 miles of trails around the lake.  I did 5 my first day and the weather was great, with very little wind.  What I've forgotten, is that if the temp is 50, when you run with the 15 MPH wind, it feels warmer, and you sweat more.  When you return and head into the wind, the temp is 15 deg colder and the sweat tends to freeze a bit more.  I'm planning on a 10 mile around the lake affair over the weekend, so we'll see how good of shape I'm in.  I've put in two 5 milers in the past three days and both have been pretty good. 

An impulse buy.  I had quite a few Best Buy gift cards, and stopped in to look around.  I walked out with a small Nikon camera and a sleek little carry pouch, an extra battery, and a SD card for $20.  It's going to be able to make some runs with me and a few rides later in the Spring.  I have the Glacier Ridge Trail run coming in April, so I'm sure that will be its maiden race/tryout.  My phone has a great camera, but after trying to use it for a run, it feels like a brick on my arm.  My 5 year old Nano is almost non-existant when I use it. I'd rather trash the camera, than the phone.  But I did take a couple of these and played with the editing software when we went to GoKart track today.

In-Door Go Kart racing....a whole lot of fun
The karts are electric, can get up to 45 MPH, and have told me that I was not built for motorsports.  Give me a bike, a pair of swim goggles, and some running shoes, and I can excel.  Put me on a course with walls that move when they are hit, and I will be changing the direction of the course in a lot of major sections.  I had a good time all the way around.

It's still winter out there...stay safe.

On On.

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