Saturday, September 17, 2011

Been Awhile.

Or maybe as not as long as I thought.  I've recently moved out of management, my 180 day stint ended and the law says I can't do it again for until Feb 27th of next year.  But, I did move into the position that I have been waiting for almost 11 years for them to redevelop. I can do the management position, and do it well, but you have to deal with people.  And people aren't worth dealing with.

-I put in my longest run for the upcoming Oil Creek 50K.  8 miles. The race is Oct 8th, and I haven't had a double digit run in a long time.  The good news, I've got a healthy Achilles and I managed to do the run with an average of 8:02/mile.  Will that apply for the actual race, no, but I'm not out of shape either.

-Put putting in some good rides on the stationary bike followed by the leg exercises and some ab work twice a week.  The other two days are still swimming and I stopped that for a couple days due to a cold.

Nothing else to write.  Been focusing on my family and enjoying them.  My 10 year old is teaching me how to play the guitar, and he is starting to enjoy yelling at me once in awhile.  If it gets him to playing "Eruption" in the next 5 years, it'll be worth it.

POST MORTUM:  Watching the Navy football game.  Don't care if they win, but it's nice watching a team that looks like its having fun being on the field.  The Big Ten...don't get me started.

On On.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

"but you have to deal with people. And people aren't worth dealing with."

That very well might be the quote of the year

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Your Pukie is up, Congrats

Eric said...

Thanks for the Pukie..I appreciate it. A future blog might have to deal with management, and maybe people in general...always looking for ideas.