Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Injuries and What Not.

A quick posting to decide if I just need to amputate my left leg and re-invent myself.  The injury is more centered to the calf and I have half an idea that the real problems have been calf related all along.  I've been good with rest, icing, and just plain keeping myself stretched out.  I also have a need to shed some pounds over the next few months because I'm just too heavy for this time of the year.  Not that I'm eating bad foods, just too much of the good foods.  As an amputee, I can also be like a rather prominent girl that I ran Cross Country and Track with in High School....but that is a different story for a different time.

That being said, I'm a starting line decision for the Oil Creek Biathlon on Saturday.  I'm going to go, but we'll see how the leg feels before I toe the line.  I'm looking big picture now at the October 50K in the same state park.  Amazingly enough, you can run the 50K and only come within a couple miles of the Biathlon course.  It's also the same place that I'd like to achieve my 100 mile goal, but I'm not really sure that I want to run 3 laps of the same course.  Mental toughness only goes so far.

Damned if I don't, I will be getting myself healthy again.  I'm still undecided on what to add to the off-season to strengthen the auxillary muscles that seem to be the cause of my breakdowns.  I did ask Sport Doc was she thought about either P90X or the Insanity program and she was pretty much non-committal outside of the stretches and mini-plyometric routines that I have been given.  If I can stay away from more time at the weight room, I'd rather do that, for a couple of reasons, so I have to decide which program I want to undergo.  Always looking for suggestions.

-I love reading the Smoking Gun website. I hadn't read it in a long time, and not since they changed their format, but I'm impressed.  One of my favorite sections is the Backstage portion which has Tour riders for all kinds of bands. Iggy Pop and the Stooges is an example of awesomeness.

-Egg Whites for burns.  There is a plant in our kitchen that we use for small burns, but found out that a couple of egg whites work wonders.  Not sure that I'm going to intentionally burn myself to find out for sure, but you never know.

-Netflix.  If your going to give me a choice between streaming and DVD's, then make sure that you have the same content for both platforms.  I can watch the Leverage season 1 on DVD, but not available through streaming....Come on.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer...On On.

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