Friday, June 10, 2011

Going for the Points.

Round is a shape.
 In 2006, or somewhere around there, my agency decided that employees needed to be healthier.  So they decided to start a group for the Presidents Challenge to achieve that lofty goal.  Being a person who likes to look at tangible numbers and reach a goal, I decided to give it a whirl.  Now, after 5 years of logging and logging, followed by putting those numbers into a website, I have reached the magic number of 1 million points.

What does this all mean?  Not a damn thing.  I can't think of one tangible item that comes out of it, other than my name goes on a list on the website and I'm immortalized in "1's" and "0's" for as long as the site exists.  Sure I can order, read pay, to have a plaque or medal or something to remember it all by, but really, Why?  That's a rhetorical question.

Probably what I'm most proudest of is the fact that I was honest with the logging, I didn't exaggerate and I only used events outside the normal work environment.  The whole logging thing was simply a giant pain in the ass.  The big question moving forward, will I continue on to the 2 million mark?  Nope.  I reached the "Platinum Award" level and have decided to bail off this boat.  However, I will probably pick up another goal or achievement or some sort of bucket list type of checkbox.

-Bucket Lists.  Stupid.  While it's awesome to try new things, gain new experiences, and accomplish greater heights in life, doing so because it's on a list is stupid.  And if your living off of a bucket list at age 25, like someone I know, you're uber-stupid.  I've literally seen this person invited back to a location and the response was not "no thanks," but rather, "been there, have other places to cross off my bucket list."  Dumb ass.

-So there is going to be an Ironman US Championship race with 75 Kona spots available.  Actually a pretty good idea, another potential cash cow and a good precursor to a world championship race in Hawaii.  But, who woke up one morning, bolting out of a dead sleep and had this amazing thought.  "Let's have this race in New York City!"  I'm pretty sure that swimming 2.4 miles in the Hudson is somewhat comparable to swimming the same distance in the Ohio like Louisville. I'm fairly sure that this won't be my next Full distance race, should I decide to go that route again in the future.

-Been seeing a lot of mud run events and the Warrior Dash series starting to take off in popularity in the past few months.  My first mud run event was at Camp Pendleton in 1994 when I was stationed in San Diego.  If I remember right, it was a 5 mile or 10K run, can't really remember, with lots of obstacles and the final being one being a mud pit with wire mesh just over the surface of the water.  I distinctly remember the admonishment of no contacts because of that pit.  Did I listen?  No.  Did I pay for it?  You bet.  That race also required long pants and boots too.
Anyway, a guy from work asked me if I was interested, but, after reading about it, I wasn't.  I have no clue why this hasn't tickled my fancy, but it hasn't.  Maybe it's the fact that there are no venues close to me and for the drive involved, the distance of the race isn't so enticing.
Or maybe I'm just being a disagreeable dickweed and should put it down on my bucket list.

-My wife is going on an overnight camping with my oldest for the cub scouts.  I'll be at home with my daughter and the little dude. I've been told that they enjoy the chicken nuggets/popcorn chicken dinners with some broccoli thrown in.  I think that maybe some wings and a pizza without the disgusting vile weed is a much better dinner.  My wife is one of the leaders and this is one of the last events she's going to have with our big guy, so she wants to make the best of it.  For Boy Scouts, I get the honor of camping out.  Seeing that anything less than Marriot rewards points is considered camping for me, I'm looking forward to the coming years.

-Next race:  Butler Triathlon. A sprint event of .25 - 7 miles - 3.1 miles.  I usually finish in under an hour, but haven't done it since 2008.  Don't let the 7 mile bike fool you either, the hills are of the little chain ring tough.

-The Pittsburgh Pirates.  The ownership better start trading players now, and maybe the manager, cause their only 3 games under .500 and not the normal 15 at this point.

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

The reason why I like the Warrior Dash so much, it was because I didnt care about it as a race, ex, no splits to worry, didnt care about the logistics of racing, no pace to worry about, I was out there, taking things as they comed. Not like when I am racing.

Eric said...

I'm pretty sure that I'd have a blast doing the Warrior Dash, something out of the ordinary and usual. But for some strange reason, I just can't get interested in it. Actually your pictures were awesome, I might have a change of mind one day. Ironman in chance.

Mark said...

I am with the Diesel. I have not done WD yet, but it seems like something I need to do. It is just crazy enough to be attractive to me. I would also suggest the Ragnar race series. I ran Ragnar NY this spring. Nothing beats being in a van with 11 of your closest smelly, hungry, cranky friends for 24+ hours!