Saturday, March 12, 2011

100th Post and a Race Report (kinda, sorta)

I remember a sign like this at the Hueneme HS pool in Oxnard, CA in 84-85 timeframe

-I noticed that this is my 100th post.  So, I was able to come up with enough incomprehensible topics, misspelled words, and run-on sentences to write about 100 times.  Amazing.  I guess the old adage of "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."  Through it all, I picked up one follower, I owe you a pizza one day Big Daddy.  I'm sure that there are those that read this train wreck on a regular basis that aren't official followers, and I can respect that, I do the same.  Should I continue this for another 100 entries, I'll have myself a giveaway of sorts. Why not, might be fun.

-Site is going to go through a design change I think.  Finding the time might be a little difficult since I started a new position at work, and I'm the local project manager for a rather large project taking place here at the airport. Not sure what it is I want to do this blog, but it might be nice to add a few more items that are actually useful for training, racing, etc.

-The comment made on the last post about being a swim official got me to thinking about something about coaching and sports officials in general.  Seeing that most of these are voluntary positions, meaning officials and most YMCA coaching I've done, where swim coaches do get paid, I have taken a different attitude about the relationship between myself and parents.  My next blog, or #101 for those keeping score, will be about parenting these days.  Having three kids of my own, my wife and I are not only guilty of being "helicopter parents" but also being "old school" as well.  I think it'll be interesting.

-The Leprechaun Leap Race Report is tacked on the bottom of this blog, and the snow has returned.  And why not. There are two races, the 5k at 0900, and the 10k at 1000, and I've decided to run both of them.  With the first trail run in a month, I want to find out what kind of shape my body is in.  I've told my brother and dad that my days of racing with them are almost over since every race we've done in the past year has been weather poor. The wind coming off Lake Erie onto Presque Isle can be brutal, and if the Park maintenance crew hasn't plowed, it'll suck even more for footing.  With luck, it'll only be snow, since the forecast is for rain later in the day.  Either way, I'm taking two sets of clothes just for the chill factor.

-Race sign-ups for the Oil Creek 100 races are next week and I'm still on the fence about moving up to the 100k race or trying to improve my time in the 50k.  I know how beat up I was after the race last year, and I'm curious as to whether my body could take another 50k after the first lap.  But that is why the training, both mentally and physically, takes place.

-Training has me getting out on the bike now.  Oh really. I've tried the mountain bike in the snow, and the results were mixed.  It was great if stopping isn't important and inadvertant climbs of snow banks are planned, but for time trials and real quality, not so much.  I have looked at Mr. Madone swinging from the basement rafters and thought a couple times how nice it would be to get out on the road.  The bike trainer is starting to lose its luster, even though my movie picks have gotten a little better.  Right now, I'm watching "Push" and have only to wonder this:  How old is Dakota Fanning?  She's obviously gotten older, but she still looks like closer to pre-teen.  But, to her credit, she is a good actress.

Holy crap, I've written a book, on to the:

Leprechaun Leap Race Report:

Ah, screw it...The total results aren't out yet, but I felt really good about the effort and the end results.  I know that I placed 10 of 27 in age group for the 5k and I averaged consistantly for both races.  How does this affect my decision for next weeks registration?  I don't know, but I'm more inclined to see have another go-round on the 50k and then move up.  A more detailed race report tomorrow, after I get the results.
Besides, this thing has dragged on long enough...On On.

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All you had to say was Pizza, dont need anything else

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Congrats on the race