Sunday, February 13, 2011

Evil Cookies

Add blonde hair and glasses and this would be my daughter.

-A cake will sit in our house for a week and I will not pay a bit of attention to it.  BUT, if its portable, and has a lot of chocolate chips, then it will travel...usually to the basement, if it gets that far.  I have never met a cookie that I have never liked.  I know those round discs of chocolate/oatmeal/peanut butter/etc are out there in the kitchen, and I feel that it's my responsibility to find them so that I can save my family from a horrible fate.

-Valentines Day is tomorrow and my wife said that I didn't have to get her anything.  Sure, I'll go with that.  I'll also go ahead and build an ice cave in the backyard and move my belongings out there as well.

-I signed up for the St. Patrick's Day races in March.  When I say "races," I mean both the 5K and 10K distances.  The 5k is at 9 and the 10K at 10 so I should be pretty good with that. The glacier ridge trail 30K is in April and the sign-ups for the oilcreek100 are a week after on March 19th, so I will have an idea if I want to chase the 100K (62miles) or just concentrate on lowering my 50K time.

-Seems like I've been concentrating mainly on running, but I've been steadily hammering the swim pretty well and as I have been adding distance and more sets of arm drags and kick drills, I noticed that the improvement that I had though I have made a few weeks ago were pretty much spot on.  My "cycling" around the basement has been pretty good, working a lot on keeping the RPM's up, and more so than I did last winter.  I have been been happy for the most part with what I've been doing, and I think this workout schedule has been pretty productive with the time that I have to get the work in.

-Time.  Got to use what is provided for you.  Looks like I've been promoted for the next 6 months and my time constraints are going to tighten a little more.  I can deal with it, I just have to get the most out of the time I have on the bike, pounding pavement, and swallowing pool water.

-Speaking of schedules.  I haven't updated the side schedule of the blog, but I'm looking at 4 tris, a duo, and a bi at this point.  Should be a good year.  Have been giving adventure races a look lately.  I'm really getting to think that when the goal of a 100 miler is completed, that I might think about an adventure race. Maybe team up with my brother for another race.  This time, we can use my "new" canoe, and not his version of the Titantic.

-I do love the Girl Scout cookies, especially the Samoas, and I buy a few boxes for various locations that I work at.  Sort of like an emergency cookie stash.  They may not last long, but they are there for those afternoon occasions.  Anyway, I support youth organizations wholeheartedly, but when I look at what percentage my daughter's troop gets per box, and I pass that Taj Mahal of a Council office everyday, I get a little steamed.  Someday, I'd like to just write a check for $50 to the troop and skip the cookies altogether, but I'm a cookie addict.

Happy Training.

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Samoas are my favorite as well