Friday, December 3, 2010

Off Season Musings...Snow Version.

Most of the time, I have a reason to write a post, but nothing this week.  Hell, who am I kidding, I don't need a reason, it's my blog.  It's started to become winter, and when the snow flies, so does my attitude.  So, without further ado, and from the shallow reaches of my mind:

-When the uber swimmers kick your ass in the off-season, does it really count?  I know that swimming is my weak link, and I'm happy with my 2000 yard outings twice a week, but come on, why are you still lapping me...while using the kickboards.

-I noticed that REV3 is branching out a bit more.  Good for them.  I hope that they take some wind out of the WTC's sails, since competition makes for lower prices.  If they can avoid selling out, then the out of control costs of the Ironman, might make it worth while again.

-Been reading Trail Runner magazine, came in the goodie bag from the Oil Creek race.  The trail running community is what I remember the triathlon community as being in the 1980's, when I started racing them as a teenager.  A small niche of like minded souls who realized what a good thing they had.

-Speaking of Goodie bags, and those "environmentally" conscience people who want to ban them or get rid of the medals, or the belt buckles, or the plaques, or even the time honored event t-shirt, or whatever, because "they" think that people just stuff them in drawers, or because "they" think its somehow causing harm to the environment, I have one acronym for you: STFU.  Yes, the goody bags have a lot of worthless ads and brochures, but its on recyclable paper...that should mean something.

-And while I'm on the "environmental" swing, let me take a moment to breathe deep before I lambast the whole, "Would you like to add an additional fee to offset your carbon output for your travelling to the event?"  The answer is always going to be NO.  If you spent less time writing the code that calculated the distance from my house to the event, and then used some bullshit figure to come up with a cost, and spent that time going outside to breathe on a tree, it would have been covered.

-I usually access this blog to read some of my favorite blogs, but I happened to notice the little map on the lower right had 904 visits.  Amazing... I wonder how many less I'll have after this "masterpiece."  In that vein, I never expected to have anyone in the follower box, but I have one, and that is good enough for me.  Almost like Facebook.  I joined for the tri club, but for some reason I have "friends."

-Speaking of those race shirts, I don't care if their not the technical shirts, with the wicking material, up until a couple years ago, they were all cotton.  I've collected almost 30 years worth, have worn a lot of them out, but I have about 90 of them that are destined to become a quilt one day.  The rest, they get worn, or turned into rags for various causes, or my kid's paint shirts for art class.

-I just looked at my Facebook account.  I have 98 friends, which is probably 95 more than I would have thought.  I can honestly say that I couldn't list half of them if pressed to.

-Hell"s Kitchen.  I don't like any of the final four, but if there was something that I wish I was a little better at, it be cooking.  I was watching Survivor but they kicked Jill Halmi-Behm off.  She is one hell of a cyclist, was a national time trial champion if I remember right.  If they had a cycling challenge, she'd have wiped them all out.

-I was looking at a job in Sarasota, Florida, but my wife has already balked at it. Some blah, blah blah about the grandparents, and roots, etc. So, I went and started the snowblower to move it into position for some snow this weekend.  I bet I wouldn't need that in Sarasota.

-Putting in some decent mileage for the New Years Day 5 miler.  I'm hoping to break last years time, but that would be incumbant on the conditions that morning.  My brother and father are running it too.  I noticed that my brother is entering more races these days.  My wife told me that during an e-mail exchange, he told her that his chances are much better now that I'm in a new age group.

-Watching "Sherlock Holmes" while riding the bike in the basement.  Not a bad movie, but different than what I remember the books as being.  After I'm done, I'll grade it, and even review it.  I used to think that Robert Downey Jr was a douchebag, but now he's a douchebag that can act.

-Maybe I'll add a book review in the near future.  I'm currently reading a 1000 page history book that gives facts, not some assbags opinion of what the facts might have meant.  I might be more of an engineer, but my college transcript is about 80 credits of history.

-Did I happen to mention its snowing and cold here.

-How can someone who hates cold and snow, also find that running in the cold and snow is actually almost enjoyable?

Until the next time.....on on.

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I am now an official medal snob, wont race if there is no medal, I am even in the work of making a BDD Wall Shrine, if I am going to torture myself and my body, I want to proudlt display what I did

- Case in point, true conversation
Friend "want to race this weekend?"

Me "Is there a finisher medal?"

F "I dunno"

me "find out and call me back, no medal no race"

- I agree, I do not like anyone left on HK, I hate all 4, I def want both guys not to win, one is a wannabe tough guy and the other is a loser dork with one of the most annoying voices ever. We watch it because we like to watch chef ramsey yell at people.