Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Off-Season" Training and "Coaching" My Daughter.

Seriously??!! What is up with kids these days.

 In the grand scheme of things, there really is no off season if you want to a.) stay in any kind of shape, i.e. gain about 20 pounds, or b.) not have to reinvent the wheel and spend all of next season just getting to the same point you were at this point right now.  Of course, avoiding potential burnout is key as the weather is freaking cold, and the ass deep snow makes wanting to go for a run vs. staying in a warm bed a losing proposition.  So, I decided that I will add a few things, like some extra strength sessions, and just a little more on the running build-ups. I will probably have to make some changes to my bike schedule come Spring, but we'll see how the winter plays out at the moment.  I signed up for a 30K trail run, obviously by ankles and other pains have been forgotten, just south of here in Moraine State Park set for April 9th.  I'm thinking we're going to get that last snow storm of the season about that time, so why not.  My brother decided to join me as well, since, you know, misery loves company.

An old buddy of mine actually did request my training schedule, he has moved from San Diego to Pensacola, and wants to keep in shape.  So, he's actually thinking about maybe giving a triathlon a shot.  I told him that once he got one under his belt, he'd be all over them.

After the Oil Creek race, my daughter informed me that she wanted to run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  She has been busy with a competition cheerleading squad, tumbling, dance class, and everything else a soon to be 7 year old girl likes to do.  She has always liked running, having three Kilted Miles under her belt, and now it's the 5K that she is looking at. So, how do you get a girl to run for most of a 3.1 mile loop?

We haven't really been running a lot, family calender is pretty stocked with all kinds of crap.  We have been putting in some good runs twice a week, not too long, but long enough for me to know that she might be able to run for most, if not all, 5K.  I started with a 1.5 mile loop and have since moved up to a 2.4 mile loop this past Sunday afternoon.  When my wife gave birth to our first, she told the doctor that she couldn't push anymore.  He simply told her that if she could talk, she could push.  It's that same conversation I have with my daughter when she talks for the entire, we're talking non-stop lip movement, and then half way though decides that she just can't go any further without walking.

Remember to thank God for this great country of ours and to remember that the freedoms we have did not come without sacrifice.  Today, Veteran's Day, is a day that has meant a lot since I left the service in 1995, and hold in high esteem.  I especially hold in high regard those who serve, and have served in combat theatres, and wish them godspeed.  While I saw time in two combat zones, I didn't have nearly the worries or distractions that others have had.  I have never complained about my time in the military, I wouldn't be where I am today, and I have raced in locations around the world that I look back on fondly.

On On.

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