Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day and Ode to Oklahoma.

I'm spending this father's day away from the family, but will be leaving soon for the homestead and some quality time with the family.  These work trips come and go, no real intervals to them, but they are what they are.  My kids know that I love them and they usually don't care too badly because daddy usually comes home with some gifts for them.  This time, I must admit, was a little better than most and I managed to bag the anniversary present for my wife this year.  I'm crappy at Valentines and Birthdays, and above average at Christmas, but man, I do know how to nail the anniversary.  She'll even admit this much.  I love being a dad, and a husband, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

This race free weekend was spent with a long ride yesterday, at the ever present wind swept Lake Hefner, complete with morning heat and humidity, and today was spent by the pool.  I laid by the pool and listened to some insurance adjusters from pretty much all over the country sing the "Pity Me" chorus while they drank beers and lathered on more sun tan lotion.  The hail storms in early May cost a couple of these insurance companies some big bucks, but I'm sure that given the location, the premiums are probably taking care of it.  I have had to be very stern with myself to keep from lacing up the running shoes to put in a couple of miles.  I know that the heel is progressing nicely, but it still needs time to get the swelling down and stretched out so I can get back at it sensibly.  I'll know that the Achilles is ready when I can get out of the pool and walk across the deck without limping.

This trip to Oklahoma has been well worth it.  The work end of it most definitely, but in racing circles, I think it was well worth bringing bringing my gear and Mr. Madone on the trip.  Even though these were my first races since the Louisville Ironman, I have begun to realize that I race with a totally different mindset than I have in the past. I pretty much have the ability to pick and choose how I want to race, and really if I even want to race at all.  Who am I kidding, I'll pretty much race anytime.  Oklahoma was a blast, I'm looking forward to my next trip back.


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