Friday, May 7, 2010

Grumbled Laughter.

Fridays are one of those days where I can start feeling good and by quitting time at 4:00, I can be pretty wrapped around the axle, read cheesed off, about something.  Or the exact opposite, start pissed about something insignificant and end the day on a pretty good note.  My day planner is written in pencil for Fridays just because I have a real nasty habit of making it up on the fly.  Thank God I have a job that I can do that with.

On a ride last weekend, I was passed by a car that had the traditional "Baby on Board" triangle in the back window.  I remembered the picture this morning when I was passed by that same car, has a rust spot behind the right rear wheel well, on the way to work.  I also remembered that they gave me a lot of room to, so that was pretty appreciated.

I don't have a lot on my mind this past week, just starting to ramp up the training for as much as I can.  Probably a good thing I am not on the Ironman track this year, the  bike mileage is significantly lower than at this point last year.  The weather has sucked a little more, and I am at least getting some spinning down in the basement, so I got that going for me.  As for the rest of my life:

-My favorite time of the year.  College kids moving out and the quietness of the neighborhood returns.  Well, minus my wife yelling in our yard at the kids for something pretty well deserved.

-Happy Mother's Day.  The kids have made cards, they're getting mommy some plants, as requested, and my wife is also getting a bottle of wine, cause I finished hers off.  She shouldn't have tried to hide it in the basement.  And why was she hiding it anyway, our kids wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.  My mother is getting the obligatory card and chocolate, which she loves, and a visit from the grandkids.  Makes her day.

-Movie Review:  2012.  The reason I love "Day After Tomorrow" is because I get to watch New York and Los Angeles get pummeled by Mother Nature run amok.  This movie adds a few more cities, especially Washington DC, and a lot of other places that I could care less about.  I'd recommend it for no other reason than that.

- I should start a blog about home renovations gone wrong.  I could add landscaping too for that matter.  The looks of horror that my next door neighbors get on their faces when I rev up the chainsaw is utterly priceless.  What I did last week wasn't so bad, what will send them into heart palpitations will be the falling of the firebush and other bushes that are sitting on top of my gas line (what dumbass plants deep rooted bushes over the gas line. Wasn't me.) 

- My oldest two are in the throes of the local baseball/T-ball leagues and a couple of things are pretty clear to me. My oldest boy may like baseball, but his hustle is a little lacking.  When he matures into his size, he is going to punish that ball, and I imagine a few of his classmates that pick at him.  He's good natured, and most of the bantering is too, so that's a bonus.  My daughter uses T-ball as an extension of her social life.  Hitting, catching, and throwing are secondary when conversing with ones friend about the day's events in school.

-In the organized sports vein, I now know why I love sports like running, cycling, swimming, and other multi-sports.  My success is dependant on me.  I've played baseball, football, softball, basketball, and a slew of other team orientated sports and have had a good time and would do it again.  But, I don't get as competitive with those as I do when when I put on the goggles and wade into a body of water not far from a transition area where my bike is parked.  I like to have fun with other people, and I can get aggressive in a team sport, and most likely it will end up poorly.  With the solo adventures, I only have myself to blame for what I may consider underachieving.

-Facebook.  I'm starting to become annoyed with it.  Been found by quite a few friends, but also a few nut job relatives as well.  Curse you Tri Club for wanting to conduct business on this mongrel instead of on a website like normal organizations.

-Since the majority of my triathlons this year are of the sprint variety, I have decided to incorporate some interval work and hill climbs into my repetoire.  I have to ride in the mornings, see kid's schedule above, and I have quickly found that 60 second hill sprints up the same 10% grade hill 8-10 times in a 45 minute set is worse than the 5X1600meter speedwork out on the track.

And finally,

-Two weeks into golf season and I have set one heck of a handicap, 18.  Yep, that's right, a nice little 18.  The smack talk of some of my co-workers that are in the league will end when I ask what was their finishing time for an Ironman.

Happy Training.

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