Monday, April 26, 2010

A "Business" Trip.

The guy down the street from me works in the banking industry and travels to Houston quite a bit for actual, honest to God work.  But lately I noticed that he's been taking his golf clubs along and going to Vegas and a few other warm places for business.  I don't begrudge him that, it's his career and what he chose to pursue.  I, on the other hand go to exotic places like Dubois, 50 miles west of State College, Pa where Penn State is located.  Most of the time I am off to Oklahoma City, where we have a large training and logistics center and on those trips, I drive and haul the Pebble, my vintage 1987 23 lb Bridgestone, and the golf clubs for after hours training and recreation.  On side trips like this one, I am usually limited to whatever cardio gear is in the hotel, like a clapped out stationary bike, and lots of stretching and core work.  The work hours are usually long and just getting in that much is a victory sometimes.

On this trip, a friend from Rochester, NY was there and he wanted to visit Punxsutawny and Gobbler's Knob where Phil gives his annual shadow report.  In the center of town, we found a park, where they have a festival every June and in a glass wall over the library, you can see the big rat doing what he probably does all the time.

Phil, probably doing what he does for 364 days of the year, or he's dead.

An interesting sidenote that I remembered was that this wasn't the first time that I had been in Punx, the last being in 1996 when I raced in a 50 mile Mountain Bike race not far from town.  What I remember most is that they brought Phil and after they put him in his cage, they sat him at my feet.  All I had to do was reach down and grab the latch and he had a 10 foot scamper to freedom in the nearby woods.  That's if the fat ass could have wobbled that fast.  As for the race itself, I dug up a finishing time of 7:53 and some pictures of a very muddy me.  My father, who also raced but eventually dropped after the first lap, said I should be proud of it since the course was an asskicker.  OK, I will go for that.

Where all the festivites take place on Feb 2nd. Honestly, I'd rather take the movie version.

Yes that is where they do the whole shadow thing.  I don't know how they stuff that many people there, as many as 6000, becasue it isn't very big.  And I guess that the all night bonfires and drunkfests are frowned upon and have been for that past several years.  I love the movie, and like The Mummy and the Dazed and Confused, I will watch it when it is on.  But having been there, and seeing that it is a good 1.5 miles out of town, it is sort of a downer.  But, it was a lot of fun to visit and I'll still catch it on TV next 2/2.

Don't Drive Angry.

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