Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Evening Olympic Watching Musings (Short Version.)

I am an Olympic junkie, I tend to watch pretty much anything and everything.  I remember when ESPN had just started and was nothing more than Bowling, Pro Wrestling, and Aussie Rules Football.  Every four years I will try and figure out how the Scottish invented Curling, though I'm betting there was some alchohol involved.  Would I every attend the games in person, most definitely, but right now I'm content to watch it on TV and take care of the household taxes.  I suppose if I had an winter olympic sports dream, other than hockey, it would be the Speed Skating, most likely the longer events like the 5K and 10K.  In the same vein that I've gotten better with my cycling, the skating would be a big help for the cycling.  Watching the biathlon reminds me that cross country skiing is harder than running and for as often as I miss with the shooting in the summer version, it would uber-suck with the winter variety.

It has been ten days since I last wrote and for the life of me, I can't tell you what has happened, other than the extra 10 minute travel time to another pool while my normal one has a screwed up filter.  The flu has travelled through the family, and now a cold bug seems to be working its way into the house.  People need to keep their kids at home when they're sick, and no matter how well you convince yourself, green, goopy crap splattered all over your kid's noses are not allergy related.

Valentines Day in my house was successful.  Our anniversary is where I really shine, but this day turned out to be pretty decent.  As I get older, my race times get a tad slower, and the family takes center stage, I can still say that I would do nothing differently.  Even as my wife is threatening to kill the little one, and because he has a cold he has turned into hellion, I wouldn't change a thing.  Life is pretty much what you make it, and God has blessed me with a pretty darn good one.

I knew this wouldn't be long, but I wanted to put something out there.  When I figure out what it is that I'm doing in life, I'll write more.  So far, my floor hockey teams are 5-3-1, with the younger ones giving me the 3 losses, but the older ones giving me the case of royal red ass.  By rule, the Y doesn't keep score, but the kids sure do.  Almost had a couple of fights over that tied game, including my son and a girl that he swims with.  I think my son might have lost too.  I love to coach kids, they are attentive and they have fun with it.  They will listen when they see results, but the trick is to keep them following through with the plan long enough to see results.  Amazingly, this is what adults can be guilty of when it comes to training plans and race strategies.

Happy Valentines Day.

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