Friday, November 13, 2009

The "Off-season"

They say that motivation is a terrible thing to waste, and its a good thing that I'm doing my best to conserve for others.  I don't seem to be the only one either judging from the other members of the Tri club.  Save those training for an Ironman next year, it isn't unusual for most to go through a hum-drum period of time.  I guess one of the reasons I signed up for the Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot 10K is just to keep myself honest, and I will try to remember that when I'm cursing myself on the 26th wondering why I just didn't sleep in.

Sadly, I also learned that most likely I will miss the Edinboro Triathlon this year because of a work related trip to Oklahoma.  If the race is the first weekend in June, I will miss it, but we'll see when the schedule pops up.  Regardless, I did find a sprint tri in OKC for one of the weekends I will be there and who am I to pass that up.  There are quite a few races coming up next year that I'm looking forward too, but I have decided that I need to stay focused on what I promised the family when I started on the Ironman endeavour, and that is, to basically not be so selfish.  You sort of have to remember that in a family, there are other central cast members that make it successful.  Besides that, I have a lot of house projects that need completed, and my two year old son is still living in a pink room.  Now that, is just plain sad.

So, even if the Triple-T triathlon seems like it might be awesome, I might as well think that the cost of entry has to be added with the lodging, meals and other incidentals.  My wife and kids know that I will still race, but I need to realize that a real family vacation does not, or rather should not revolve around a bike, my wetsuit, or have a bib number attached.  Maybe an incidental vacation, just not a real vacation.  However, I think the Triple-T may be in my race plans in the future, a four race, three day event totalling 140.6 miles.  It's gotten some high praise from some of the other guys I race with and a trip to the Shawnee State Park in Ohio would be kind of nice.

As for Nanowrimo, it would be going even better if I actually could sit down long enough to crank out more than the 6,000 words I have.  I've written a whole lot of them in my mind, but haven't been anywhere close to the computer to put them down.  I'm not giving up the ship, I will see what I can get out by the end of the month.  Seems that work and house projects are killing my free time.  That, and Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 2, that game is just plain addictive.

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