Friday, September 11, 2009

What's Next?

After two weeks, I should be thinking of getting back on the road, or the bike, or even back into the pool for a couple laps. Truth is, I have an addiction problem. After a week off, I started the comprehensive stretching again, got into the pool for 2000 yards, and ran for 3 1/2 miles on Wednesday. Haven't been on the bike, but I'm thinking of a nice 25 miler tomorrow morning before chopping more of those damn bushes in the backyard. To make matters worse, I've darkened the doorstep of the County Y weight room for some circuit work.

Now, I ask myself, WHY? I don't have any races coming up. No Ironman in the next year, notice that I said in the next year, and really no reason to even bother. My wife and brother, and I suspect my dad too, knew that one would not be enough for me. I'm contemplating volunteering for Lake Placid in July and thinking of racing in 2011. I guess that a lot will happen between now and January when the volunteer listings come out, but right now, I think one more Ironman race is in my future. Am I ready to commit to that type of training again? Hell, I don't know. If I never did another one, I don't think I would feel like I missed out on anything. Most people call that contentment. I'm just screwed up that way.

Next month, I'm a Pacer for my Dad, and most likely my brother, for the Oil Creek 100 Trail Run. They are "racing" in the in the 50 miler, and I will be responsible for shepherding their asses through the last 14 miles. Theoretically, I could be the Pacer for the whole 50 since my father is over 60, but since my brother is with him, I will stick to the original plan. My only job is to make sure that my dad finishes if he gets through the first loop. He has been told, first by some dumb ass at Channellock, and secondly, my sister-in-law, that he wouldn't finish it. Really, I might make it my duty to shove the humble pie to the doubters. As for my brother, well, he will finish for no other reason other than he is a very determined, and I can't remember him ever not finishing something he has started. It may not be graceful, but he does finish.

A nice 25 miler for the bike....what the hell am I thinking. I'd be real happy if I actually get up in the morning and it's raining.

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