Monday, August 10, 2009

Into the Teens...

The countdown has entered into the teens, at 18 and falling, and the event is looming large in the mental windshield. Enough of the philosophical crap. Race day is coming up and I'm getting into that "Let's Get It On" frame of mind. I always get that way when I'm ready to move on to the "next thing" and get the "current thing" over and done with. As far as training is concerned, there isn't anything left that I can do to improve what I'm going into the race with. I've met the milestones, 4000 yards of swimming (with goggles that are starting to really piss me off,) 100 mile bicycle ride (my rear now has permanent seat indentations,) and the 20 mile run (which did not help my planter fasciitis at all.)

Even with the minor dings and pains, I'm still training, but the volume and exertion isn't what it has been. I don't think anything about 2000 yards of swimming, a short 50 miler around the town, or even a quick 6 mile run to test the foot. Maybe overthinking the whole event and just looking at it in sections has been something of a key to being successful at this part. It may not seem like a lot now, but let me tell you, in February, when we were still knee deep in snow, it really looked like a longshot. Maybe I'm glad I didn't tweak the schedule too much.

So now that it is all "in the books," so to speak, what is there left to do? Other than stay healthy, just look at the growing list of "honey-do's" that my very understanding support crew, namely my wife, has compiled for me starting Sept 1st. I also seem to have a thing for quotation marks at the moment. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to Louisville in a couple weeks and experiencing the Ironman life. While it may be my only experience, I fully intend to make it the fullest.

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