Thursday, August 13, 2009

Downhill and fast....

The last of the big swims this morning, and I think the old bag that swims with me is probably happier than I am. Not like this woman has to swim with me, all other lanes can be wide open, and she'll still plop her ass right next to me. Either way, I got my second, and most certainly last, 4000 yd completed and I am most happy to be on the downhill slide. Today's ride is only slated for 25 miles and then I'm on a rest day tomorrow. Other than I have to meet my wife at the mall after work to watch the oldest two while the baby-turned-toddler gets his birthday pictures taken.

This weekend I will be racing in the 4th, I think, annual Oil Creek Biathlon on Saturday, something that I really like doing. I like running, I like shooting, combine the two and you have a good time all the way around. The weekend long ride is 50, and I might be able to squeeze it out before church on Sunday morning, but we'll see how that pans out. When I read that improvements in cycling take 21 days to show in your riding, my brain took that to mean that I was pretty much done for this training. So, with 16 days left, I'll be doing whatever I can to just maintain and not get hit by a car. The latter being more important than the former. Mr. Madone, my trusty steed, is going into the shop for its pre-race checkup on Monday. There isn't anything major that needs tuned, but I want a couple little niggling things done and a couple of second opinions. Would I race him like it is now? You bet, but it doesn't hurt to have top notch.

Pretty much for the whole year, life has been business as usual, but now things are starting to get a little more hectic. With the proposed runway extension heating up, all the paperwork, engineering work, etc, etc, has started to show up as well, and for some reason I'm sitting smack dab in the middle of it. I feel like I'm just sort of mailing it in at work, and maybe that isn't a good thing either, but the workload is getting done. I'll be happy to get to the vacation week (and a half) before the race so that I can concentrate on nothing else but getting ready to leave/race. I guess I'm not alone in wanting this to happen sooner rather than later either cause I notice a whole lot of people on some of the sites like Beginner Tri and IAMTRI seem to be in total agreement.

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