Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kilted Mile Race Report.....and Misc.

This past weekend, I ran the Kilted Mile with my two oldest, while pushing the youngest in the jogger/trailer. The Kilted Mile is part of the Highland Festival that Edinboro University puts on every year. In the past, this as been done the first weekend after the semester ends, and the weather usually sucks no matter how equitorial the weather has been the day before. Being in July, the weather still promised to suck, but the wind just kicked up a little bit. Regardless, the event is always fun, and my kids like to run the mile. Well, usually they do.

I don't know what our time was, but it was pretty irrelevant for the most part. The kids waffled as to whether they wanted to run, with my daughter deciding the night before that she was going to do it, and my son a half hour before the race. So with youngest in the jogger, and the other two at my side, we sat in the back of the pack until the gun went off. The run went well for the first half mile, both kids whined at certain times and my "pep" talk motivated them all the whine that is. Finally, I decided to leave the jogger in the hands of my oldest son while I led out my daughter who was starting to pull ahead anyway. Having sighted her mother, she moved a lot quicker and I turned back to retrieve my jogger bound son who was being driven around the road like a drunk driver. The oldest finally crossed, and after I rolled Seth into the general direction of his mother, I crossed over too. Only to be asked by the helpful lady at the start of the chute. "You haven't finished yet?"

Afterward, I left and started a ride that I thought was supposed to be 80 miles, but found out that I only had to put in 50. So I compromised and did 66 instead. Since then, I've gotten a lot of good mileage in on my bike while I nurse a nagging foot problem. My first 100 miler was completed this past Saturday, and I was happy not only because I got it finished, but because I think I've figured out the nutrition thing as well.

Won't knock on wood too fast, but things are starting to come together pretty quickly.

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