Friday, June 12, 2009

On to the next one...

The last couple weeks have been hard as far as motivation has been concerned. I took over the reins of management for the next month, and still have to maintain my current workload. Even though I did a month long stint in the high back chair in May 2008, with an even larger workload, and the babysitting of a wayward engineer, this year seems to be a little tougher. Can't quite place my finger on what is the difference exactly, but there is a difference.

Coupled with the dread of training, well not really dread, but I'm not excited about much. When, I do get out there, I'm fine. The rides have been enjoyable, the weather very nice, and now that my weak butt muscles are more flexible and my knee doesn't seem to hurt as much, I have been liking the running a little more. Conversely, I'm happy to go to the pool, but I'm only good for a 1000 yards before I have to pep talk my way into finishing. I've been dividing the days left before Louisville, to figure out how many more workouts in that particular discipline remain. My only conclusion is that I really don't have the time to screw around anymore.

This morning, my white doctor with the Korean sounding name, gave me some additional strength exercises and stretches and told me to keep at it. My stretching used to be 20 minutes a day, but that has grown from 40-45 minutes a day. As long as it helps, I will try it out.

Tomorrow, the rides start to climb over 50 miles, and the run climbs over 10 again. I'll be trying to balance some eating, which I love, and a water bottle of Gatorade, to see how I do with the nutrient portion of the longer races. It's all about body management, or so I've been told. Regardless, I learn something this weekend.

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