Friday, June 26, 2009

New Toys and New Scheduling.

Went shopping at lunch. This is notable for a couple of reasons. 1.) It meant that I had money and 2.) I was actually able to take the tether, read leash, that has been wrapped around my midsection the last three weeks and get out of the office. So off to Competitive Gear where I picked up a new helmet, first one in 16 years, and some additional components for the longer rides. The easy purchases were for a "breakdown" bag, which sits under the seat, and a speed bag, which attaches to the front stem and sits on top of the cross bar, for holding power bars, cliff bars, and assorted other crap that I will need so that I don't end up on the side of an Indiana or Kentucky highway curled up in a quivering ball.

The breakdown bag has a set of three tire irons, two new tubes, and three canisters of CO2, plus a really cool triggering device for filling up air into the tires. I'm really hoping that I never need any this stuff, but it dawned on me last week and 30 miles away from home, that if I did have a flat, it would've taken my wife an hour to get to me after the 15 minute explanation on where to find me. That would suck. Would suck even more because she would've taken her good sweet time to get the kids packed into the van and on the road.

The speed bag was not a necessity, but after conversing with Mr. McMaster, owner/competitor extraordinaire, I decided to buy it anyway. The simple logic being that a easy to reach, central location, is much better than having to play contortionist when getting into the side sleeves on my tri shirt. Good point, we'll see how this works out for me.

My sons 2nd season of summer swim team started again yesterday with the first meet. The Lake Shore Country Club, complete with poolside bar, was the location, and it didn't feel so hoity-toity as it did last year. He was in 3 events and did a pretty good job. I've tried to stress to him that at his age, working on form is just as important as the speed. You can be a speed demon, but eventually, if you have bad form, you will soon get clobbered by the once slow, now fast and form perfected swimmer. Yes, my son thinks I'm a dork when I say it like that too. Regardless, he is getting back into the swing of things, and one of the older kids has helped him get his jump starts down. Hopefully, the same kid can teach him the art of flip turns as well. To this day, the nun that I swim with has barred me from them. They are that bad.

As much as I like watching him swim, I have had to change up the routine quite a bit. As long as the weather cooperates, I'll be out an on the roads, but if a meet falls on a ride day, I may be chased into the basements for what are now 90 minute ordeals of crappy morning infomercials and crappy local newscasts. Out Netflix queue is in need of an update or two.

Two weeks until the Muncie Endurathon. My first Half Ironman event and I think I'm pretty much ready for it. I've taken all the focus off of Louisville for now and am concentrating on doing well for this one. Part of my problem with the Akron Marathon last September, was that I had signed up for the Ironman three weeks prior and never concentrated on the task at hand. Staying on task is what I'm looking for, and finishing well. I've already convinced myself that I will finish, and even put a target goal time on the mental board. But, much like Obama's Hope and Change, and the miserable failure that is, we'll see how that works for me.

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