Friday, May 15, 2009


Haven't written on this in a long time, but I've been busy. The whole homeownership thing has been kicking my ass. Even though I whine and moan about the winter, I don't have to cut the grass once a week, don't have to worry about the peeling paint on the window trim, and mostly I don't have to pretend that the trees and weed boundary are in bad need of a monster pruning session. Anyway, someone has been reading some of these posts, because I did get asked why my blog is so dysfunctional. Well, here goes:

- I have Ronald McDonald on the picture because it makes me laugh. Most likely I will change it in the next few weeks, or maybe not.

- As for why did I start this blog, hell, I have no idea. I like to read them, and have read a whole lot of race reports and training tips from people that do write them. I thought it be kind of nice to type some stuff out and post it, even if I expect no one will read it, just on the off chance that someone was looking up a particular race and wanted some intel on it.

- Most of the Edinboro blogs that I have read rock. Most of them are college students and even if it might be required for a course, its cool to see if they had the same thoughts I had when I attended the US News and World Report 4th Tier university. Most don't, since I was a freshly minted veteran from the US Navy and had a slightly skewed concept of what a good time was.

-Yes, there is more to my life than training for triathlons and racing. The family always comes first, and I have made quite a few schedule changes to accommodate the comings and goings of my wife and kids. Soccer, baseball, Cub Scouts, dance recitals, and a whole slew of home projects have pretty much guaranteed that I will be swimming at the butt-crack of dawn and running on alternating mornings. Biking, however, is still done in the afternoons a couple days a week.

-I am politically minded. Maybe when the season is over and the snow starts flying again, I will start to use this to express what I think. Right now, I'm content to let the hand of fate deal itself out. Most people aren't prepared for the intellectual beating that I administer when asked why I believe what I believe in. And speaking from experience, you sure as hell aren't going to learn that from the so-called masters of brilliance that call themselves professors. Philosophy professors seem to be the biggest dunces.

Now, having said all this, I will go back to the original intended purpose of this blog. Been busy getting ready for the Edinboro Tri and hoping that the water in the lake will: a) be safe to swim in this year, and b) warm up to at least 65 degrees.

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