Saturday, April 18, 2009


And the winds don't ever quit blowing either. They are always at 20-25 MPH and nobody gets anxious unless there is a tornado, and then there isn't much anxiety there either. Basically, it's a fact of life. I kind of started to appreciate it when we lived in Amarillo, Texas for the better part of four years.

I've been down here for 4 days, and so far I haven't seen sign one of the "recession" that we seem to be drowning in. The news stations, other than having mediocre weathermen, have been very upbeat and they center the news on what is happening here in town and what is going on nationally. They have industry moving in, people are working, and there isn't a whole lot of whining taking place. Yes, Erie is full of whiners.

Ohio gets the prize for the shittiest drivers. No, travelling at 70 MPH is not the time to be reading a novel. On a three lane road, motioning for someone to get into the right lane so that you don't have to move will get you the international salute, and don't look shocked when someone speeds up to deliver it. Your little Civic is no match for my pickup truck.

Outside of the course that I am attending for work, I have nothing but time to get in some good training time for the weather that has curtailed that at home. Normally during my trips here, I play a lot of golf and drink a lot of beer, but I hadn't been training for an Ironman then, so some things had to be adjusted. Lake Hefner is a large metro lake, with a paved ten mile trail, two kickass golf courses, and is also home to the Redman Triathlon, an Ironman length race that usually attracts around 50-75 competitors, has a relay feature, but from what I understand is a very well run, well supported event. The winds blow fast across the lake, and depending on the temperature, can be a very hot wind. This morning, I got my longest ride of the year in, and felt real good afterwards. Sadly, without the hills surrounding the Boro, it might not be the same, but it was great for spinning, and keeping a constant tempo.

I'll be here for another week and a half and am hopeful I'll get in a couple more rides and another run or two before the Half marathon next week downtown. I'm actually looking forward to getting the race season underway.

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