Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog Revision Time

I've decided that the way I have been writing this, is not really the way that I actually speak out loud or have in the inner dialogue, which means talking to myself. Since the Tri club decided that their website wasn't working and that all the business was going to be handled on Facebook, I've had to branch out. For some reason though, I've found that putting the page together was a lot like a cyber high school. Don't want to put anything incriminating on there, but at the same time, you want to make it look as good as possible. The "I need friends" thought came to mind at one point, but then I realized how old I was. The final conclusion was pretty close to what I usually think of a lot of things: I could care less what is on there. So based on that, I've decided that my training log/diary/whats-going-on will have to change as well. Granted, I won't go off the deep end, but how I have been writing isn't that close to how I actually think. Don't get me wrong, I care about a lot of things, and very strongly on some of those, but that isn't the purpose of this blog. It's taken me a long time to realize, it isn't the end that matters, but what happens on the road to get there.

So with that in mind, here goes what happened this week:

With 200 days left until the big race, all seems to be chugging and plugging pretty well. I've been averaging over 6000 yards a week in the pool, 4 hours pedalling my rear around the basement, and running around 20 miles on the tundra that is my town. I'm looking forward to getting the bike on the road, mainly cause I've seen nothing but a lot of crappy movies from Netflix. I don't recommend Mummy 3, and I'm not a big fan of most anything that went straight to DVD. The classics are still the classics, and if all else fails, watch a news channel, doesn't matter which one, because you'll notice your cadence increase as you get more and more agitated with what is going on in the world. Or if your a Cleveland Browns fan, watch the NFL Network since the constant playback of Super Bowl XLIII will have the same effect.

Something else I've noticed is how much I really like my iPod, but how irritating it is that the sensor and receiver are not even close. If I only ran 6 miles, then that's ok, but there have been times when it will tell me it was 6.8, and the next trip tell me it was 6.4. Should the college track ever come out of deep freeze, I will be able to get it calibrated again. At the current rate, we're thinking March.

Finally, and probably the biggest reason that people won't try a triathlon, the swim. I travel to Erie twice a week, sometimes three, to put in the laps first thing in the morning. It's really a shame that the County Y doesn't have a pool, but their BS reason that they need more members is wonk, when they have been told by many people, that they would join if there was a pool. I digress. There is a usual crowd there, a financial planner, an Optomotrist, a guy who I have no clue what he does, and a retiree. I swim with a 79 year old nun, who was CEO of a local hospital, and is getting the admin building named after her, and on occasion I swim with a guy who finished the 2008 Louisville Ironman swim portion in 55 minutes. He's also president of the ETC and pretty much gives me the best open water training that you can have in a pool.

The hardest part of swimming in a triathlon, is getting used to seeing nothing, and lifting your head every few strokes to get your bearings. A lot of times, it feels like I have doubled the swim distance of any race because I can't swim in a straight line. Right now, if I can keep up on my schedule, I may be fairly decent in the water.

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