Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still Cold and a new Group

Even though the sun is shining, the thermometer still reads -3, and it feels every bit of it. The bright side is that it is supposed to climb into the low 20's by this afternoon, which is good, today is a run day. I've already pedalled for an hour in the basement this morning, watching the last 45 minutes of "The Dark Knight" and some CNBC for some rather stupid reporting on how the all knowing, all merciful, all powerful new President will use his non-tax paying genius to kick start the economy again. And that is all the politics that you will get out of me.

Even with the cold, I've been motivated to get out into the elements and pound the snow and ice covered roads, knowing that eventually the days will get longer, and hopefully a lot warmer. My race schedule for 2009 is pretty much intact, having already signed up for Louisville last September, and I'm in for the Muncie Endurathon (Half-Ironman) in July. The OKC Memorial marathon is at the end of April, I'll be there for school, and the Edinboro Triathlon, Olympic distance, is May 30th. I'll post a schedule and put the results on the site as soon as I find a widget that looks appropriate and actually works without erasing what I put on there.

I also joined the Erie Triathlon Club this past week, and for some unknown reason for which there is no explanation, I should've joined last year. The Competitive Gear Bike Shop, an outstanding place loaded with lots of good shtuff and great staff, is the official clubhouse for the meetings. They are bending toward multi-sports in general, but the focus is more on triathlons and events that like minded individuals can enjoy together. More emphasis is also being placed on family outings at some of the unofficial official races that are ginned up to keep the competitive juices flowing. I've known quite a few of these guys from the races around the area, but it was pretty interesting to see them in a social setting and actually meet several more of them.

For now, it's just about getting the base built up and the cardiovascular maintained at what it was when I ran the Akron marathon, which is a great race by the way.

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