Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Only 4 days late, but here it is regardless. I have been off the last 2 weeks and used a good bit of it for training, and spending lots of time with the kids. Santa brought them a Wii this year and it is pretty addictive, especially the Lego Star Wars and the Indiana Jones Lego game that I've played late at night. Either way, I'm going to need to start going to bed earlier again, at least earlier than the 11 - midnight. I loved the vacation, but the bad habits don't take long to start.

Training wise, it has been a good couple weeks. Some longer swims, a few runs, and more pedalling of my ass around the basement. Throw in some weight training and ball work and it was pretty decent all the way around. My 5 year old daughter will even work on the ball as well, sometimes bouncing around but giving it a great try.

My kids are always at the races, and will cheer me on, but that is usually if they are corralled by my wife first. I've noticed on more than a couple of occasions the two oldest sitting on a sand dune playing with other kids as I finished a race. They are young, and hopefully one day they will get interested in racing.

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