Friday, January 16, 2009

Frigid Temps, the Flu, and Motivation.

The mercury, according to the Edinboro University website sits at -4, but at least the sun is shining. Even though I managed to get out of the house this morning and to the Y for some swimming, it was still pretty miserable to walk from the house to the truck and from the parking lot to the building and back. I hate the cold. I hate being cold, and I'm not a big fan of having anything to do with the cold. However, I will still be going out for my run this weekend, when the temps are expected to be in the mid-20's, and the snow won't be flying. I've been real happy and slightly impressed that I've actually been getting outside as much as I have been this winter. I've been good with the stretching and getting into the shower pretty quick after getting back into the house so that I don't sit in wet clothes for long.

My motivation has been pretty high for the most part. Mostly the entrance fee for the Ironman is my driving factor, but because I want to be successful is the most important one. Even though it is freezing now, I have thought about running in the heat and humidity this summer, and through the snow I trudge. I'd love to get some cycling in, but that is just not going to happen, and not for awhile anyway. There is a possibility that I might get the mountain bike out if the road clears up, just to get out of the basement and out into the air. The cold, cold, frigid, why-am-I-doing-this, air. On second thought, spinning in the basement and watching Netflix movies isn't such a bad thing after all.

Of course, motivation is not a factor when your lying in bed with the flu. I've read a couple of other blogs about how the individual never got sick while training for the Ironman, and I've come to a real valuable conclusion. They don't have kids, or there kids aren't as young as mine. This illness came courtesy of my 17 month old, where it is possible he got it from the Y babysitting room. I do know that last Sunday, life was not very happy in my household. Fortunately, I was pretty much good by mid-afternoon, but the rest of the family fell by the wayside throughout the whole weekend. I'm sick of being, and getting sick.

Last night was the first meeting of the ETC, Erie Triathlon Club, and it seems like a pretty cool group. It was also the first practices for the County Y floor hockey leagues. In their own ways, it was a very enjoyable night, and I'm looking forward to going ahead with both of them.

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