Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This is the first time I've been able to sit in front of the computer for a couple of days, but with the big day tomorrow, and three kids it isn't hard for time to sort of fly by. I managed to get two rides around the basement this week, made easy with the Spike TV Bond Marathon, and a trip to the Y for 2300 yards of swimming. It was sort of nice to go at an off time and the lane to myself. Usually I share a lane with a 77 yr old nun, who was an accomplished swimmer before getting hit by a car, and a nice lady to boot. The rest of the week has been spent keeping an eye on the kids so my wife could finish the shopping and get a little time to herself.

The temps have been horrible, with sub-zero temps, and a lot of snow. We finally got a few degrees of warmth today, with rain, but it was worth the attempt to try a run. In something that I mapped, courtesy Map-My-Run, out at 2 miles, it has now been dubbed the Mush and Slush 2. The Ipod quit several times, but it got cracked at some point this summer and tends not to work when wet. I was mildly amused at the bewildered look of the contractors on campus that watched me in the trailer window as I slogged past the new sports dome. And again when the Greyhound bus passed on my way back, thank you Mr. Driver for not splashing me as you went by.

Well, Merry Christmas Cyberworld, and I'll try and pop a new gadget on the site next week. The local weather is nice, and I'm big on worthless knowledge.

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